Masters in Finance Jobs

Masters in Finance JobsDespite weakness in the economy, Masters in Finance jobs are available for those who have a strong interest in financial matters. According to the most recent U.S. News & World Report annual rankings, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business is setting high educational standards to emulate by providing one of the top Masters in Finance degrees. Those who can’t afford time away from their jobs or their families while earning their degree may consider getting an online degree from an accredited university. There are many online degree programs to choose from. As one of the leading providers of online education programs, Kaplan University offers one of the best online Masters of Finance degree programs.

Popular Masters in Finance Jobs

Financial Advisor – As more investors reach retirement age, the demand for personal financial advisors continues to grow. Salaries for these jobs depend on the number of clients and assets under management, but the average annual salary hovers around $65,000. Earnings increase as assets under management increase.

Actuary – This role is perfect for people who love numbers. Actuaries assess how risk can impact a company financially. Insurance companies rely heavily on actuaries in order to price their products while remaining competitive. The average salary is $87,000.

Financial Analyst – This job is the first step toward becoming a Chief Financial Officer of a corporation. People in this position analyze and project inflows and outflows to help companies make decisions on how to grow. The average salary is $75,000, which should increase based on experience and responsibilities.

Investment Analyst – People in these roles help institutions make proper investment decisions for their portfolios. Whether for a mutual fund, hedge fund, or state pension, investment analysts review investment opportunities in terms of potential growth and risk. The average salary is $65,000, which may increase based on the investment portfolio.

Investment Banker – These positions are highly competitive, focusing on major deals such as mergers and acquisitions or funding start-up companies. For analysts starting out, the average salary is $70,000.

The job outlook for finance degrees remains strong, and graduates can find career opportunities working with corporations or individuals. Salaries should increase based on experience, though some roles tie salaries to assets under management, causing them to move up or down with the stock market. Even though tuition can be costly, Masters in Finance jobs are worth the price of admission into this rewarding field.