Masters in Finance Careers

Masters in Finance CareersThere are many exciting Masters in Finance Careers available to qualified financial professionals, so if you wish to improve your knowledge of quantitative analysis and financial markets, a Masters in Finance degree may be the right option for you. Princeton University and the University of Texas will provide you with two of the best accredited Masters in Finance degrees. Fortunately, you might be able to obtain this degree without having to leave your job or change your location. The best online Masters in Finance degree programs allow you to attend virtual lectures at your own pace, communicate with your instructor in real time, and collaborate with your peers through social technologies.

Popular Masters in Finance Careers

The job outlook for Masters in Finance careers is growing and varied. Graduates with this degree are able to choose to work in both private and public sectors, providing financial expertise and analysis to corporations, stock traders, banks, government, and non-profits. Some common options include:

Budget Analyst: Budget analysts often work in the public sector, working with elected officials to create sustainable budgets at a county, state, or federal level. In the private sector, they work with corporations to protect against audits.

Insurance Underwriter: This position requires advanced analytical capabilities in order to help insurance agencies determine the risks of their investment. They must understand and review a number of variables in order to make calculated risks.

Quantitative Analyst: Combining computer software and a knowledge of finance, quantitative analysts conduct computer analyses on potential investments in order to make quick decisions about a trade.

Financial Manager: Financial managers are often corporate leaders, the heads of banks and other financial institutions. They are required to have managerial skills in addition to financial knowledge.

Risk Manager: Risk managers are called upon to analyze the potential gains and losses of a particular trade. They must have an eye for the details of tax code and legislation that may result in a loss for the company.

As you can see, Masters in Finance Careers are plentiful, and with the right experience, finding a satisfying finance job will be easy.